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About Us

We are a team of entrepreneurs with former sales, marketing, production and R&D experience in chewing gum and gum base industries. ​

We have developed a platform of core technologies and products in the field of gum base and chewing gum industries.


We operate from Istanbul, Turkey working with a range of partners in technology, manufacturing and sales to provide best solutions to our valuable customers.

Our Team

Nesim ACAR
  • Chemical engineer.

  • +35 years of R&D experience in the field.

  • Expert on gum base raw materials, formulation and process.

  • Ability to create exclusive gum-bases on demand. 

  • Expert on chewing gum formulation and process.

  • Owner of 2 patents for gum processing.

  • Formulated a sugarless product which reached up to %35 market share of total Turkish chewing gum market.

  • Formulated several bubble gum and sugar-free well known brands which were exported over 50 countries.

  • Expert on chewing gum sales and distribution.

  • +25 years of total experience in the field, both domestic and international markets.

  • Powerful distributor network in over 50 countries. (Middle East,East Europe,Central Asia, Africa, etc..)

  • Wide knowledge of market expectations based on demographic information.

  • Realized %45 of Turkey's total chewing gum export in 2014.

  • Mechanical engineer

  • 15 years of engineering experience.

  • Expert on chewing gum facility design and installation.

  • Chewing gum process and packaging machinery inspection and maintenance ability. 

  • Ability to design and calculate air handling and dust collection systems.

  • Experienced on machinery disassembly and re-installation.

  • Utility design.

  • Used machinery inspection and refurbishment.

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