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Our Expertise

TEKNOGUM team members provide chewing gum manufacturers to help them develop new products and manufacturing processes considering global trends or improve existing ones. 

TEKNOGUM team is experienced in every aspect of chewing gum manufacturing and trading. Therefore our priority is always to create a tailor made win-win business model with every valuable customer.  

Gum base development, formulation and production
Chewing gum development or re-formulation

This is the most significant expertise we have which carries us to the different stage. Most of the chewing gum manufacturers buy gum base instead of producing because this is not a know-how which you can find easily.  


Chewing gum properties like elasticity, plasticity, hardness, texture and flavor release are all determined by gum base. In the market if you want your product to be identified; than you need to have your unique gum base.

If you are our gum base customer, it is Teknogum’s responsibility to implement it in your chewing gum, considering your expectations. While implementing the gum base we focus on:

  • Chewing properties.

  • Target costs.

  • Process and packaging efficiency.

Chewing gum process/packaging machinery supply and refurbishment
Chewing gum process efficiency solutions and training

Chewing gum production is niche business and it is not always easy to find expertise when it is necessary. Machinery suppliers set up the machine and make it run but to keep it running in the same way is the critical point. You may require us to visit your facility and report any possible improvements. During our service we also train people, so they learn to keep it same way.  

When it comes to machinery and tools we provide tailor made service to our valuable customers. 


If you are going to invest for a new facility or additional capacity, first we learn your expectation and budget. We are capable of offering:

  • New well known brand machines

  • New high quality but lower budget machines

  • Second hand machinery as is or overhauled. 


We investigate all these three options and offer you most feasible option.

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