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Advantages of used equipment in chewing gum industry

When it is time for investment, used machines are always good option and has many advantages.

Companies first consider the cost benefit. But now a days this is not always the case. Sometimes you can easily find new machinery from some Asian companies cheaper than used European equipment. So why we shall move on with a used machine.

Fast delivery

Chewing gum industry is niche business and therefore most of the machines are not available for short delivery times. First of all there are not too many machine manufacturers depending on the confectionery business. Therefore especially at European machine manufacturers lead times are approximately 6-12 months.

At used machinery this is not the case. Once you find the machine you buy it as soon as you pay for it. If it needs to be overhauled than it will most probably take 1-3 months and you are ready for manufacturing.

Low budget research

It is always good idea to use second hand equipment when you are developing a new product. First of all you may not know what properties you require from the new equipment you are going to use first time. Of course new machinery suppliers will be always there to help you but you never know if they quote over qualified machines and always new small size machines are always very expensive.

Experienced machines

If you find right machinery and maintain or overhaul in correct company; during production you are not going to concern about it. Because you are going to now that the machine already did that job for many years in the past.

More mechanic less electronic

The older machines had less electronic components compared to new machines. Of course if you are looking for very high speeds or special processes no one can denigrate today's electronic technology but it is not always the case. You need more qualified technicians if the machine is more electronic and this is also increasing the costs.

If you are not looking for the fastest machines than most probably you can run and take care of a used one with less qualified labor.

You may always contact us for your used machine inquiries. We will do our best to find you correct equipment to correct price.


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